Current lab members


Buehler_MarcMarc Bühler, PhD

Principal Investigator, Senior Group Leader (Switzerland)

Shimada_YukikoYukiko Shimada

Technical/Research associate (Japan)

Laschet_NathalieNathalie Laschet

Technical/Research associate (Belgium)

Fabio Mohn, PhDMohn_Fabio

Research associate (Switzerland)

My major interest is in heterochromatin establishment and function in higher eukaryotes. In particular, I am trying to understand how HP1 proteins are recruited, interact and function in order to repress gene activity.


Kaaij_LucasLucas Kaaij, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (Netherlands)

Tuck_AlexAlex Tuck, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (UK)

I’m interested in understanding how long non-coding RNAs and transcriptional processing events influence cell fate decisions during mammalian development. I use a combination of approaches, including single-cell RNA-sequencing, genome editing and bioinformatics.

Knuckles_PhilipPhilip Knuckles, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (Mexico)

Currently I aim to understand the function of miRNA biogenesis factors in transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation during mammalian embryonic development. I use pluripotent cell culture systems as well as differentiation paradigms to approximate developmental events happening in vivo.

Flemr_Matyas Matyas Flemr, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (Czech Republic)

My main research focus is understanding the role of RNA processing pathways in retrotransposon silencing. In part, I also work on improving genome editing techniques in mouse ES cells.

Carl_SarahSarah Carl, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (USA)

I am a computational biologist collaborating with both the Buehler and Grosshans labs at the FMI. I’m broadly interested in understanding principles of gene regulation and its evolution, which I approach through integrating multiple types of genomic datasets. I tweet about science, coding and more at @SarahHCarl.

Termanis_AusmaAusma Termanis, PhD

Postdoctoral fellow (UK)

PhD students


Lea Dümpelmann

PhD student (Switzerland)

I am very interested in how gene expression is regulated. Particularly, I aim to understand how expression regulation is inherited over generations. To do so, I use the power of yeast genetics combined with several methods such as chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) and next-generation sequencing.

Rankova_AneliyaAneliya Rankova

PhD student (Bulgaria)


Tahsin Kuzdere

PhD student (Turkey)


Aparna Pandey

PhD student (Nepal)

Undergrad students


Andriolle, Aude_5943

Aude Andriollo

MSc student (France)