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news from the lab

January 6, 2023

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6 thoughts on “news from the lab

  1. Survival estimates for Primula vulgaris:


  2. estimated survival is longer then Trump will be the “president”…


  3. Still alive! We just have to keep watering them every day…


  4. Shabana Hanif 11. April 2019 — 7:22

    Hope you are doing well. I just visited web page of your lab and the work you are doing in impressive and of my intrest. I completed my M.Phil in Biochemistry and Molecular biology and looking for PhD. I just want to know your e.mail id.Will great full to you.


    1. Hi Shabana,

      thanks for your interest! Have a look at the ‘People’ section of the homepage, there you will find the email addresses associated with the names.


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